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Marketing Influences

There are countless types of marketing that companies and brands use today to attract their followers, consumers, etc. After reading the 60 Minutes article (The Influencers - CBS News), the type of marketing I read about was influencer marketing. Influencer marketing, showing its strengths on social media platforms, especially Instagram, is when a company or brand will use 'influencers' to promote what they are advertising. For example, a popular celebrity could post a short video or short blurb with a photo to promote a supplement on the market that focuses on weight loss, and the celebrity could talk about its benefits and how it has personally helped them lose weight.

In the article I read, they talked with Kim Kardashian. After reading this, I instantly thought of a newer commercial that has aired with Kim's sister, Khloe, for a migraine relief product called Nurtec. (Acute Treatment for Migraine | Nurtec™ ODT (rimegepant) 75 mg orally disintegrating tablets) When you load Nurtec's website, the first thing on their homepage is a picture of Khloe, and allows viewers to read not only her story, but also stories of other everyday users.

With influencer marketing, companies are so smart to use these types of campaigns, as it prompts people to want to learn more about the product. Moreover, if they see that one of their favorite celebrities is using a product because they may have a common interest or might have a similar issue going on, the viewer can relate to the celebrity, and want to use what the celebrity does too! Overall, with the strategy of using famous people to promote their product which prompts for a boost in sales, the use of influencer marketing impacts the relationship between the company and consumer because the customer will want to grow and trust a company or brand that someone they see and know of has already done so.

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