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Customer Service Should Always Be Fun

For my blog post this week, I will be focusing on a story I read that is the "Customer Service" winner of the eighth annual Shorty Awards: Tale of tiger's big adventure highlights airport's commitment to customer service - The Shorty Awards

When I was in second grade, we read the book Flat Stanley, and each one of us colored our own Flat Stanley, and shipped him to different parts of the country, and even the world, where family and relatives happily received him and took him on fun adventures and made sure to send him back with pictures and letters of his adventures. I can still remember my Flat Stanley - he flew down with USPS to my aunt in Miami - some of his adventures included visiting the National Weather Center, trying out Cuban food, and enjoying time on the beach!

In this cute story of the tiger's big adventure (if you read it), the tiger reminds me of Flat Stanley. Tampa International not only allowed this lost stuffed animal to travel around the airport and explore while he was waiting to hear from his owner to come get him back at the airport, but they also helped themselves stand out from other airports. In addition to hitting the primary target audience (the little boy who was the owner of the stuffed animal), Tampa International also hit the mark and showed flyers what their customer service experience looks like, and how far they will go to serve and meet the needs of all who travel with them.

With this fun and creative social media blasting, Tampa International was able to use different departments within their airport and allow this stuffed animal to experience and showcase firsthand the extraordinary care Tampa International will do for its customers. While Flat Stanley was a best-selling children's story book, Tampa International took Flat Stanley, with an unintentional twist, and made this tiger stuffed animal into a viral sensation on social media.

Sometimes something so simple can be shown light with new and creative ideas. Tampa International should be applauded and given kudos for their insightful idea to creative this series on social media and allow its followers to not only stay up to date to see if the tiger found his owner, but also because they were able to use social media and pictures with this tiger to dig into the means of every department shown, and how their hard work was paid off to find the tiger's owner, just like it is with everything else they do to serve their customers!

For those in the northeast, I hope you are staying especially warm during these very cold days - snow is ahead! Have a great rest of your weekend,


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